Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Meet the Hero of the Comeback Saga

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: It’s safe to say Galaxy Note 7 was a disaster. We bet Samsung will try to win back loyalists with the next Note – Galaxy Note 8. Yes, the company isn’t axing its Note series just yet. Having suffered the loss of reputation and a ton of money, the South Korean conglomerate will have to step up its game with Note 8. Given the situation, Samsung is planning on bringing some radically progressive device to capture the attention of the world. We are rounding up everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and constantly updating the post as soon as we hear new information.

Galaxy Note 8: Existence Confirmed?

Unveiled and released in August 2016, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was the successor of Note 5 and the sixth device in the Note Series. The move to skip 6 was prompted so that people won’t view Note 7 as inferior to Galaxy S7. Before Samsung could reap the full benefit of Note 7, reports of the handset exploding started coming in. Facing worsening situation, by September, Samsung suspended sales and declared recalls. Upon investigation it was discovered that defect in batteries overheated the handset, setting off fires and explosions. Production of Galaxy Note 7 was permanently ceased in October. The catastrophe, of course, had a direct impact on Samsung’s business that incurred a loss $17 billion in revenue.

Moreover, at the wake of the recall, the company has been slapped with lawsuits as well as criticized for not compensating for the damage to property caused by the explosion. Clearly, after having suffered loss at such unprecedented scale, Samsung is ready to make compensations to loyal fans with a very high-end Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung has confirmed the existence of Galaxy Note 8 by promising an exchange program in their home country likely in a bid to avoid any more lawsuits. Note 7 owners have a chance to bag the Note 8 or Note S8 when it goes on sale. If you live in South Korea, you can trade-in your Note 7 and reap additional benefits of after-sales fast tracking service as well as 50% off on display repairs, in case your handset runs into trouble. You need to sign up for Galaxy Upgrade Programme from the company’s official site.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Reportedly Codenamed 'Baikal'

Samsung has confirmed the existence of Galaxy Note 8 by promising an exchange program in their home country likely in a bid to avoid any more lawsuits. Note 7 owners have a chance to bag the Note 8 or Note S8 when it goes on sale. If you live in South Korea, you can trade-in your Note 7 and reap additional benefits of after-sales fast tracking service as well as 50% off on display repairs, in case your handset runs into trouble. You need to sign up for Galaxy Upgrade Programme from the company’s official site.

Although a great idea, one downside of the program is that it’s been made available only in South Korea. We are not sure if and when the program will be extended to other countries like the US or the UK. Every country is reacting in their own way to the disaster of Note 7. Samsung had said the expansion of the program would depend on “the situation in each country.”

From what we’ve gathered, Samsung’s next flagship phablet will be a big one. With no Note 7, everyone’s counting on the upcoming Note 8. Here we’ve tried to quiche curiosity surrounding the handset. Want you know what it’ll look like? What are features and specifications of the device? Here we have managed to come up with an impressive list that’ll increase your anticipation for the phablet by many folds.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Features


One if the biggest focal points of the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 is the display feature, which is the deciding factor on how the phablet will look. There have been a few points of contest on this front, especially about the size of the screen and how it will look. Earlier on, it was believed that the device would be coming with a larger screen, and most rumors suggested an upgrade in size by about 0.3 inches. So while all earlier editions have come with 5.7-inch screens, it was believed that the new Galaxy Note 8 would indeed touch the 6 pointer this time around. However, the rumors seem to have been wrong. For Samsung is apparently going even bigger than that.

Note 8 Display

According to the latest reports, the Galaxy Note 8 is coming not with a 6-inch screen, but with an even larger, 6.3-inch display. This will make the upcoming smartphone even bigger than the new Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, which sports a 6.2-inch panel. But in case some interested buyers are worried, it has been said that the 18.5:9 aspect ratio is being maintained so that it will still be amply useful in one hand.

​Moreover, as per reports, Samsung has been working on a foldable screen for years, and tech gurus guess that the next flagship phablet could have a foldable screen. There are rumors that the South Korean giant is planning on rolling out two such devices with a foldable screen. But if you ask us, those are not going to be a flagship. Samsung will probably want to launch a completely new series with a foldable screen to test waters, before jumping in with flagships.


As for the design of the handset in question, we don’t think it’ll stray too far from the original design so don’t expect radical changes on the look of the phablet. Samsung is likely to keep Note 7’s rich-looking, glass-and-metal-fused design that had wowed people last year. Speculations suggest the Note 8 and Galaxy S8 could sport similar design. With Note 7 there was a minor issue with the curved edges of the screen when using the stylus, which we hope will be taken care of thanks to a new S Pen that Samsung is reportedly working on (more on this below).

Galaxy Note 8 Design

Camera and Battery

Note 8 will be sporting a dual-lens camera because two is better than one, right! The dual-lens camera was trendy in 2016, but Note 7 didn’t seem wanting to catch up with the trend. That could be fixed with Note 8. Drawing comparisons with iPhone 7 Plus that launched last year, the Note 8 could too come with a pair of telephoto lens and a wide-angle lens. Or Samsung could come up with its very own dual-arrangement, just as LG G5 and Huawei P9. Noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has also stated that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s camera technology will be even more developed than the one found in the iPhone 7 Plus from last year.

That is not all. A concept render that has recently surfaced suggests that the Galaxy Note 8 will cot only relegate its dual-lens magic to the back of the device. In all probabilities, the new smartphone might have a twin camera set up at the front as well to make sure that it stays on top of its competition.​

Obviously, the dual-camera setup would demand high-capacity battery. Galaxy Note 8 is expected to pack with a serious monster of a battery.

Processor and RAM

In November 2016, Qualcomm unveiled its next-gen Snapdragon 835 which is going to power the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 phablet. The new chipset is more advance, bearing 30% more part in the same space, but causing 40% less power usage along with 27% better performance. It’s worth noting that Snapdragon 835 will launch first in S8, which gives us an idea when Note 8 could be launched. Most high-end smartphone packs with a 4GB RAM. Like OnePlus 3 that rolled out last year Galaxy Note 8, reportedly will sport a massive 6GB of RAM. Massive battery and RAM will help some of the other features that the handset is speculated to offer like 4K display. (see wishlist).

The SD 835 chipset made its market debut with the Samsung Galaxy S8 this year, and only much later did other companies get a chance to include the new technology in their devices. This shows Samsung’s determination to stay on top of the processing game, and their commitment to make their flagship smartphones the fastest and most efficient on the market. But while most speculations seem to suggest that the same SOC will power the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 smartphone, it might be powered by something even more sophisticated.

Besides that, Samsung is already working on the next generation of storage in collaboration with IBM, and although they may have met some hitches along the way, the fact that it is set to be announced soon indicates that everything is going accordingly. To elaborate, the two companies had announced in 2016 that they are collectively working on an extremely fast and power efficient MRAM (the “M stands for Magnetoresistant) technology that is supposedly going to be an even more efficient non-volatile alternative to the existing NAND Flash memory used in smartphones today.

While the NAND Flash was made much faster by reducing erase and write times greatly, the MRAM technology that the company is working on relies on something called spin torque transfer (STT) for the same, which ultimately makes it thousands of times faster than the NAND Flash. It will also be more power efficient as it does not utilize any power when it is not active. It is also a much less expensive technology. Samsung will demonstrate the technology at an even on May 24 this year. Reports state that the MRAM will be first tested on smart routers and the likes before being in smartphones. And if the technology can be perfected soon, then we have little doubts about the fact that that the Galaxy Note 8 will be the first ever smartphone to bring it in.

Operating System

The phablet will of course sport the latest Android OS which, in this case, could be Android Nougat or Android O. Rolled out in August 2016, nougat is the seventh major version of the Android operating system. For those who haven’t heard of Android O, it's the next version of Android, expected to be released at the Google I/O in May 2017. Although there is there’s barely any news of regarding the Android O but being an upgraded version of Nougat, it’ll be smarter, friendlier and more secure.

Other Features

Some of the hottest features the phablet will supposedly offer are an iris scanner, USB-C port, and an AI assistant. Samsung has already confirmed the existence of a Siri-like assistant called Bixby for Galaxy S8. Bixby could be coming to Note 8 too. Like Note 7, Note 8 will sport an iris scanner offering an iris recognition system for using the front camera, infrared illumination, unlocking and authentication of several features of the device.

Galaxy Note 8 Wishlist

Although the feature looks pretty ravishing, there’s always room for improvements. There are a handful of things that we could demand the Galaxy Note 8 to carry but we’ve made a list of only 3 Galaxy Note 8 wishlist because these seem totally legit and doable. Take a look.

New S Pen: All Galaxy Note devices are supplied with an active stylus called the S Pen. It’s time the S Pen got a major upgrade. As per reports, Samsung is bringing in a new Galaxy Note pen that’ll have a speaker top. A patent was published by the US Patent & Trademark Office of the unique new stylus, in September 2016. According to Patently Mobile, the patent read: "When the pen is being stored in the Galaxy Note body, the speaker, which is in the pen shaft, carries sound through the pen and exists at the top of the pen via a new speaker. When the pen is removed for the Note device the sound simply travels from the internal speaker through the pen shaft opening."

4K Screen: Besides these, another exciting prospect in Note 8 is that it could be Samsung’s first 4K handset. Besides loyalists, the Note 8 is suspected to face a tougher audience. Bringing 4K SuperAMOLED display on board will certainly make people perk up their ears. According to reports, VR will be a big focus in Note 8. The device will be getting a new 4K screen and will support a new Samsung Gear VR.

A Battery That Doesn’t Explode:  One of the prime focus of Galaxy Note 8 will be its battery that needs to be more stable than its previous generations. A fast-charging capacity battery that doesn’t explode should be Samsung’s top priority. If the phablet suffers from the last fault as before, the company would have to kill its line of Note series. We’ve heard, the South Korean giant is implementing an "8 point battery safety check" on all its future devices. Apart from this, one more feature that that is catching the wind this year is wireless charging.

WaterProof:  One more thing! Note 7 was only IP68 water resistance which means we would like the Galaxy Note 8 to be waterproof because obviously waterproof is better than water resistance. One of the most popular demands of Samsung loyalist is for a removable battery, but if the handset means to be waterproof, the option for removable battery might have to be skipped.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date

Samsung hasn’t been very consistent regarding the launch of their phablet. The early devices in Note series arrived between September and October at IFA Berlin, but Samsung broke the pattern, launching both Note 5 and Note 7 in August ahead of IFA Berlin. It’s possible that the device could be launched along with Galaxy S8 that comes out in March, both backed up by Snapdragon 835 chipset. While some tech gurus believe the Note 7 will go head on with whatever iPhone puts out in the Apple September event of 2017, we believe there are good chances of Samsung reverting to the original launch pattern. One reason for late launch is that the company has enhanced security checks, requiring more time. The IFA Berlin 2017 takes place between September 1 to 6, and it leads us to speculate that Samsung could arrange for a first official glimpse of the Galaxy Note 8 during one of the pre-shows at IFA, before putting the phablet out for sale in late September of early October 2017.

Galaxy Note 8 Price

Big tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, OnePlus, Dell – to name a few has a habit of upping their price across a popular range of products. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 came with a hefty price varying between $850 and $800. Due to the fiasco of Note 7, we believe instead of hiking their price, Samsung will drop its price. As per our calculation, the Galaxy Note 8 will come with a price tag of $799 to bait people into buying the device. The year 2017 comes with the promise of extreme competitive smartphone market especially since Apple releasing it 10th anniversary iPhone, Samsung will be paying heed to the cost of the device it puts out.

Final Word...

Galaxy Note 8 is still at works, and by the looks of it, Samsung is working hard to make sure the debacle with Note 7 isn’t repeated. Note 8 means to be a sensational phablet ready to let bygones be bygones and become a leader in phablet market once again. We just hope Note 8 goes down in smartphone history for all the right reasons, unlike its immediate predecessor.

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