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YouTV Player Not Working Issues Solved in Under a Minute: Check All Details Here

By amit / December 24, 2017
You TV Player Not Working

Whenever we use the YouTV Player application, we are struck by how many features it has. Its great native interface and the usability quotient is also something that we like a lot. However, the YouTV Player Not Working issue is something that can sometimes crop up and can be a terrible thing to encounter. Such problems are not only limited to the YouTV Player app, as you can well imagine. In this post, we shall show you how you can remedy this situation.

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You TV Player Not Working

You TV Player Not Working

YouTV Player Not Working: How To Solve?

We have selected some of the main ways using which you can solve this issue. The 'YouTV Player not working' issue is something that can be easily fixed. Sometimes, however, the old ways are the best ones, so maybe you can try and restart the device you are using to check if the issue has been resolved.

  • Fix the date/time conundrum: The issue can be fixed if you fix the date and the time of the device that you are using. Often, the date and time parameters are not what they should be, which is why the issue can crop up. In such cases, you can go to the date and time preferences and then manually reset them to the correct date and time. In case you are using a Windows PC, you might also try the automatic date and time reset features by pressing the date and time displayed on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Check Windows Firewall Exceptions list: Sometimes, the YouTV Player not working issue can be resolved by manually rectifying the Windows Firewall Exceptions list. Just go to the Control Centre and then head to the Firewall section. Under the many options, choose the Exceptions section and then create an exception alongside the entry which says YouTV Player.
  • Reinstall the program: Another of the old-style methods, it more than often works. What you should do is simply uninstall the app and then reinstall it using the You TV Player Apk file which you had originally used to install the program.
  • Reinstall the program using a newer version of the app: A different take on the same issue is when you automatically reinstall the app using a newer and more updated Apk version. This will often work better than you think as the app is constantly updated.

Wrap Up

We now hope that the YouTV Player ot working issue that you were facing has been resolved. In case the first method in this post does not work, try the second. In case the second one fails, try the third and so on. You can also bookmark us!

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