ShowBox and Popcorn Time – a technical head to head

By amit / August 18, 2017

Popcorn Time is growing leap and bounds while Showbox manages to retain the users somehow with its extremely big content library. Showbox is in the picture for last few years while Popcorn Time is the new comer but has taken the world by upside down. Apart from the features and all, let’s talk something that makes clear sense to users if the user is in a dilemma whether to go for Showbox or Popcorn Time.

Cross Platform use:

Showbox is available for Android only while Popcorn Time has three different versions for Android, Mac, and Windows. So, Windows and Mac users will lean towards Popcorn Time for Showbox alternatives as they have no option to access Showbox by any mean except the creepy emulator process and that too an old school method.

Power Consumption:

Popcorn is referred as a notorious battery hog because it may drain your Smartphone battery out quicker than the other apps like Showbox. I have got a reason behind it and using a simple technique you can put a full stop on this issue. Follow the simple rule mentioned below.


Popcorn Time gulps a lot of data in the background. If we take a ratio of foreground and background data consumed by the Popcorn Time app, then it may clock at 1:5! This is the real fact. Go to the settings and from the storage option tap on the Popcorn Time app and check the back ground data block option. That’s all. You are done.

The size of the .apk file:

The size of the executable .apk file plays a major role while you have a nonexpendable Android device. Showbox APK wins here with a size of 40 MB while Popcorn Time struggles to maintain the size at 63 MB! May be in future updates Popcorn Time will come in a reduced format.

Advertisement during Playback:

Showbox App plays advertisement videos meanwhile (in its recent updates) while Popcorn Time is still free of advertisement. It’s always cool enjoying the videos without ads. For downloading the videos, you don’t have to wait for anything at all.


Showbox is always superior here and Popcorn Time has no match with that. In every category you can’t scroll down to the last one while using Showbox- yes, it has that much content!

If you are avid TV show watcher, go for the Popcorn Time because you can have this app on your PC, Android devices including Smart TVs, etc. But if you want to enjoy some rarely found shows then Showbox will be the better option without any doubt.

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