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Galaxy Note 8 Wishlist Features (Awesomeness at its Very Best)

By amit / July 4, 2017
Galaxy Note 8 Wishlist

Galaxy Note 8 Wishlist Features: Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7 with high hopes and to capture the ever extensive phablet world. But the battery fiasco and the explosions have put water in their dreams and the Korean company had to stop the production, suspended sales and announced an informal recall of this high-end device, eventually. This manufacturing defect of the phone batteries not only caused excessive heat, resulting in fires and explosions, but the company also faced huge loss in terms of revenue. According to the analysts, Samsung suffered a humongous loss of at least US$17 billion from the faulty production and recall of the Galaxy Note 7.

Galaxy Note 8 Wishlist

Galaxy Note 8 Wishlist Features

So now the Korean tech giant, as well as the fans, are hankering for the next iteration of this coveted tablet series. If we believe the current news and rumor, the Galaxy Note 8 is expected to unveil in September this year. We have already shed some lights on the probable Galaxy Note 8 release date, as well as the possible features and specs the phone will come with. In this article, we have summarized what the fans are expecting from the forthcoming device and made a Galaxy Note 8 wishlist.

​Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Wishlist Features

Upgraded AI Assistant

Artificial intelligence is currently considered as the next big thing in the technological world. All the smartphone making companies are giving stress to better the AI of their device and to upgrade the voice-powered digital assistant. While companies like Microsoft, Apple, and even Google have done wonders with their respective AI assistants-Cortana, Siri and Google Assistant, Samsung is lagging behind in this aspect. Although the Galaxy Note 7 supports voice interaction using its S Voice application, but that does not match the efficiency of the aforementioned AI assistants. So we hope the Galaxy Note 8 will be launched with an upgraded AI assistant.

Moreover, Samsung is currently working on their own voice assistant, which is supposed to be called Bixby. This new AI assistant will allow the users to do everything, from controlling the Samsung home appliances and third-party apps to process payments with your voice and search for objects in pictures. So we would be more than happy if the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would come with an upgraded and better AI.

New S-Pen with a Speaker

S-Pen has been the USP of the Samsung's Note series. Just like the previous iterations, the Galaxy Note 8 would also come with an S-Pen. But we hope this time, it will be different than its predecessors. Unlike the conventional stylus, this time, we wish the S-Pen would facilitate the Galaxy Note 8 users with some extra functionalities. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has published

And why we are hoping for some changes in the S-Pen of the forthcoming tablet? The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has published a patent application filed by Samsung which indicates that the Galaxy Note 8 would come with a redesigned S-Pen which would include an integrated speaker in it. The speaker grills would be placed at the either side of the pen. This speaker would function in two ways. When the pen would be rested inside the device, the sounds will be transmitted through the phablet. However, if you remove the pen, the sound would be transmitted by the S-Pen itself. So we hope this patent will be turned into reality when the Galaxy Note 8 would be launched later this year.

4K Display

Another exciting feature which we would love if implemented is the introduction of the 4K display in the Galaxy Note 8. 4K display is the red hot trend which every smartphone making company is trying to put into their devices and no wonder Samsung will not be interested in this cutting edge technology. So we hope the Galaxy Note 8 would sport a 4K Super AMOLED display. And the reason behind our expectation is the Korean company recently attended a trade conference in California, where they demonstrated a 4K phone display. Could it be the upcoming Galaxy Note 8? Well, we are certainly keeping our fingers crossed.

Upgraded Camera with Dual-Lens

After Apple launched the iPhone 7 with dual-lens camera setup. Samsung is under immense pressure to feature the same in their upcoming flagship devices. So we hope that the Galaxy Note 8 would come with a dual-lens camera setup and the recent rumors also suggest that the phablet will sport two rear 20MP sensors with features similar to those found on the iPhone 7 Plus. Moreover, the Korean tech conglomerate is planning to change the user-interface of its camera app. They are going to include new touch gestures and would facilitate the users to zoom in and zoom out easily while taking a picture. So all we want from the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 is a better camera with an upgraded UI.

Trouble Free Removable Battery

Well, a trouble-free battery should not be included in the wishlist of a flagship device, but the recent disaster with the Note 7 battery has made us to do it. There is absolutely zero doubt that the most critical aspect of the Galaxy Note 8 is going to be its battery and Samsung will be desperate to produce a stable battery without any teething troubles. The whole world will be primed & will search for any problems whatsoever and anything remotely approaching the previous iteration's battery disaster, that will sound the death knell for the Note series. So we hope Samsung would launch the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 with a better battery which won't explode.

Also, we would be very happy if Samsung makes the battery of the Note 8 removable. Not many companies launch their flagship devices with removable battery and LG is certainly one of the big guns which have successfully done that. Recently, after the battery fiasco of Note 7, Samsung is planning to collaborate with LG for the battery to be included in the Galaxy Note 8. Samsung has reportedly been in talks with LG Chem, the battery business arm of LG Group, to build batteries for future devices. And if we believe the recent rumors, this will begin with the upcoming Galaxy Note 8.

Low Price

Based on the price of the predecessor, the Note 7, and the disaster that followed, we predicted that the Galaxy Note 8 would cost $799 because we figured the devices would have to appease fans and win back loyalists. The Galaxy Note 7 cost between $800 and $850 and for Note 8 we pegged a lower price tag. But now, according to a recent report, the Galaxy Note 8 will cost a whopping $900 which is a great disappointment, to say the least.

The expense is understandable, given the fact that the Note series is a premium handset that is supposed to be offering a lot of impressive features along with the S-Pen. But to make the Note 8 the most expensive devices in the Note line is certainly not a good way of bouncing back. Following the disaster with Note 7 last year, we can hope that the cost of Galaxy Note 8 is either in-line or lower than its unfortunate predecessor.


After the disappointment of Galaxy Note 7, Samsung is desperate to make the Galaxy Note 8 a wonder device and with that regain their lost glory and pride. So we hope the points we have included in this Galaxy Note 8 wishlist, will eventually be present in the device during the official launch.

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