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Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Cases : Buying guide for Samsung Fan

By amit / June 12, 2017

After a disaster like Galaxy Note 7, Samsung is bringing new guns out, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the company’s biggest releases so far. After getting your handset of the device the first thing that you’ll probably think is how to keep the expensive precious handset save. It’s pretty hard looking, but try letting it hit the ground from a distance above (no don’t try it, we are just kidding). But you were to use a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 case, and then you can use the device more comfortable. With the tons of cases available online, we decided to take care of the hard part, and as you can see, we have come up with a list of the 10 best Galaxy Note 8 cases we have the privileged to test.

List of Best Galaxy Note 8 Cases

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Magnetic Book Cover Case

Magnetic Book Cover Case ranks at the top of our list of best Galaxy Note 8 cases and is also the most popular amongst cases found online. Despite the drawback that the cover is available in only pink color (at the time of writing), there are tons of perks that the case offers.

Perks of using the case:

  • The case offers simple clip-on installation and ultra slim fit.
  • It allows access to all buttons and ports while offering exceptional protection without adding any extra bulk or even weight.
  • One of the highlights of the cover is that it opens a stand and lets you place the device on it and even allows turning the screen on and off.

2. GreatShield Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case

The case looks excellent in its jet black appearance and basically, goes for anyone wanting a classy looking cover. The leather case allows total access to all its port and is a conveniently smart cover that wakes up the screen when opened and puts the display to sleep when the cover is pulled down.

Perks of using the case:

  • Fits perfectly, hold the handset securely, and the full coverage saves the device from things like smudges and scratches.
  • The interior provides soft lining that keeps the device safe from hard impacts.
  • The case comes with a sturdy magnet that holds the Galaxy Note 8 well.

3. Rock Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case

The cases are available in five different colors, and those are black, musky black, blue, light pink and pink. We really liked the material and the strong texture that prevents the device from slipping off your hand.

Perks of the case:

  • In addition to protecting the back and the front screen from scratches, the cover protects all corners of the tablet.
  • It comes with a stand using which you can watch films or Skype chat whenever you want.
  • Inside there is a soft velvet material that protects the screen.

4. OtterBox Defender Series Case

It’s one of the best Galaxy Note 8 cases that we have come across which is why it has landed our list. The case is designed with rugged protective qualities that help guard your handset against all sorts of damages.

Perks of using the case:

  • The multi-layered case is made of high-quality materials, which is a two-piece polycarbonate inner shell.
  • The Defender Series case comes with a shield stand which is fantastic as it accommodates comfortable viewing and typing angles.
  • And let’s not forget about the ports that are covered but certainly allows access to those ports.

5. Fintie Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case

The one of the best Note 8 case that we have managed to come across and comes in two rich colors – black and navy blue. Like some of the other covers in our list, this one too wakes up the tablet screen when opened and puts it to sleep when the cover is pulled down.

Perks of using the cover:

  • Comes with a magnetic closure for an easy clip-on application but while you can access all features easily.
  • Flip the cover in order to transform it into a viewing or keyboard stand.
  • The cover is slim, light and durable. Made of premium quality PU leather, the case offers cratch-free microfiber interior for perfect protection.

6. Bobj Rugged Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case

The case comes in five different colors, and those are batfish Blue, Bold Black, Gotcha Green, Outrageous Orange, Playful Purple and Rocking Raspberry. The superior heavy duty case is fantastic to use and provides excellent protection against drops and offers shock absorption.

Perks of using the case:

  • The cover comes with an advanced design that provides protection in harsh environments.
  • The case comes with a protective top bezel that comes with rounded edges and corners with access to openings of mics, camera, etc.
  • One of the highlights of the tablet is the bright and color options.

7. Trident Kraken Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case

The case comes in five different colors that involve black, blue, pink, red, and green. These are some of the strongest and the most durable cases that we have come across. Though heavy-duty case, the device is lightly weighted this really allows you to use the piece of equipment in full potential!

Perks of using the case:

  • It’s a detachable aluminum media that comes with stands and also provides the option to attach a number of interchangeable accessories.
  • The case comes with Hardened Polycarbonate Plastic Shell and not to mention the Impact-resistant Silicone Corners.
  • It also comes with high-quality dust filters that prevent unwanted dust and debris.

8. Khomo Leather Galaxy Note 8 Case

This one ranks eight in our list of best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cases and comes with three color options. You can choose anything between brown, pink and purple. The case is meant to protect your device from bumps and bruises, and the interiors cushions prevent scratches or scrapes.

Perks of the case:

  • One of the highlights of the cover is the elastic hand strap that makes it easier to hold the tablet.
  • We would also like to mention that the camera hole cutout on the back and other holes on the case allows full access to all ports.
  • The case also acts as a stand so you can have the option of 35 and 65-degree viewing angels.

9. Aluratek Folio Case for Galaxy Note 8

The case helps if you are planning to use a wireless removable keyboard with your Galaxy Note 8. It certainly comes with an extensive design offering maximum flexibility as well as performance. For all that the case offers, the cost is pretty low and fits snugly with your Note 8.

Perks of using the case:

  • We really like the slim design and low weight of the case that makes your tablet a perfect travel companion.
  • The detachable keyboards offer maximum comfort and portability, so the case is excellent for anyone wanting to use a keyboard with their tab.
  • It’s worth mentioning that the Galaxy Note 8 sports rechargeable lithium-ion battery so that the tab never runs out of power.

10. Belkin Cinema Stripe Folio Case

The case is definitely compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and is made of polyurethane material. It comes with an adjustable stand and lets you customize the angle that suits your viewing preferences. The holder is a plastic one so if you have faced issues with elastic pieces of holders coming off, that won’t be a problem here.

Perks of using the case:

  • It offers a durable defense against damage and comes along with protective corners.
  • The tab fits in snugly and especially with the lightweight design; the device slips into the case easily.
  • When you put on the covers, the screen goes to sleep, and when you take it off, the screen wakes up.

Wrap Up:

The list of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that we have listed just about covers the top ones that are in offers right now. As you will find out for yourself, they are offered at different price range so as to make a list affordable for many. In case we missed out something that you’d like to recommend us, reach out to us.

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